Match Report – The NCIE curse has been broken!!

Dunbar AAW3 vs Sydney Uni AAW3 – 2-0

Following last weekend’s lost vs Sydney Uni 2-1 at the muddy St John’s Oval field, our AAW3s came in for a battle to get our 3 points and securing our win at our home ground NCIE. We rallied our Dunbar troops including Aine, Stefanie and Lauren from the 4s who kindly joined in the battle on Sunday.

The game started with high intensity and Fran was able to break through early in the game within the first 10 minutes and GOAL! The Sydney Uni girls started playing a bit rough, we definitely feel like we are in a battle field with some pushing and girls flying left, right and centre. The ref though was great in making great calls when they were needed. The intensity is up, Dunbar wants this win, the girls hang on to the ball, great pass to Lara, she shoots, the ball goes towards the top right corner, the keeper tries to grab it and probably feels like the Japanese Goalkeeper… Lara scores! Half-time Dunbar is up 2-0.

Dav has his coach’s talk and ensures that all girls are focussed and give it all. “Get to the ball first ladies, we have subs today! Midfield, you are doing a great job. Let’s try to secure 1 more goal and win the battle in midfield”

We go back in pumped up and keep the momentum up. Sydney Uni’s striker tried to break through our defence but communications in defence has never been so good! A couple of chances but Sof’s hot pink keeper jersey probably scared them off lol

A couple of bruises, ligament or muscle soreness and a bit of blood (poor Christine) but we won the the battle against Sydney Uni! Well-deserved 3 points and finally broken the NCIE curse this season! Still in for the battle to get in the final 4. Let’s go Dunbar!