Interview with AAW1’s and AAW2’s captain

With the first set of grand finals just 3 days away we headed out and spoke to the respective captains and asked them to give us a brief outline of their season so far and share their thoughts for their big games.

First up, Kat Jacob. Kat is Co-captain of the Health Space Clinics AAW2’s and with her partner in crime missing the game due to pregnancy, she has fully assumed the role of captain for the end of the season.

“It’s been a great season so far. Having already brought home the ESFA cup as a squad we are bouyed by the fact we are the only team to have beaten Waverley this season (they were also the only team to have beaten us).

Three meets with four points each. A win, a draw and a loss to both and five goals scored for and against. It doesn’t get much closer than this ladies and gentlemen. This is the derby to end all AAW2 derbies. Let the football gods be shining down upon this Sunday when Dunbar AAW2 take on the Old Boys from Waverley.”

Sarah Ferris, captain of our Cambridge Hotel Sydney AAW1’s couldn’t stop shaking when we spoke to her last night at training, nerves, pre-workout, a need for the toilet – we aren’t sure what is but we got some words out of her.

2018 has seen the regular Dunbar v Coogee grand final return to take centre stage as the final game at Hensley Athletic on Sunday night.

Dunbar took out the premiership but it’s fair to say that their nemesis this season has been the team in white and black.

“We take on Coogee for the fifth time this season in the Grand Final on Sunday! Coogee have kept us on our toes this season with four close score-lines in the league and the only team to take points off us. This promises to be an epic battle and fingers crossed fifth time lucky!”

Good luck to all the girls this weekend and to coaches David Buck and Dale Quartey and they look to top off what has already been a successful season.