Dunbar present v Dunbar old

The All Aged 2 grand final promises to one for the ages. Vince Gmt and his band of merry men have already taken the league and they will be looking to add the championship to the trophy cabinet when they take on Coogee on Sunday afternoon in the 2pm kick off at Hensley Athletic.

“What a season for Vince’s AA2’s. At the back of a very frustrating 2017 season and a 5th spot, 1pt away from the finals, lessons had to be learned…
We needed a solid squad, we signed up 20 lads. New recruits including:
Joey (GK) – 6ft4 for 104kg, nicest guy in the team, the most dangerous too
Jason “sorry” (CB) – Kiwi and holding the record of “Sorry” in the same game (25)
Jake “no show” (LB) – Thinks he is the best left back in the league, might be. Also dreams of being a striker, won’t be.
Pedro (CB/CM/ST) – Difficult to get the ball off him, likes a good nutmeg.
Brad Burgess, no link with Sam (CM) – Likes his jokes, sometimes too much.

Our first game was a cruise and after a few too many beers we set the modest ambitions to make the Top 4 and reach the finals, ohohoh.

Fast forward, 5months and many beer barrels later, we are top of the league and won our spot in Grand Finale through a tight win vs Coogee at the beautiful Reg, 2-1, with several key players missing.

Coogee has also made their way to the grand finale by getting rid of a young UNSW team in semies. Dunbar likes this.

September 9th, the boys are ready. Get the Hensley wet, tackles will fly. We dream of the young and sexy Dunbar AA2 lifting their first trophy.”