Champion of Champions Mens Over 35 Semi Final – Match Report

Dunbar 10 – 1 Riverstone

Dunbar came into this game at the home of FNSW Football with some trepidation.
Riverstone were an unknown quantity to us and all that our research showed was that they thumped teams for fun in the Blacktown association.
We had a strong squad available, with a full bench to choose from to cover any eventuality that may arise.

Riverstone seemed to start well from kick off and tried to get at us early, but the defence was solid with Popey and Greg playing a bit of head DENNIS to get us out of trouble.

It did not take long (3 mins) for us to start to get at them though, a long ball down the line from Gordo to Ty, saw him TURVIL boost past the full back, and then try a looped cross. We all were thinking he was a SULEMAN for trying it but it looped into the far post, giving their keeper no chance to save,1 nil.

Tyrone had definitely recovered from his KING hit in the Grand final v Pagewood, as once again he went at the fullback and put a cross in that the better looking Lara volleyed into the WEBB netting, 2 nil.

Riverstone tried to get at us once or twice but the back four were a solid WALL and nothing was getting past them to get at Jimmy.

Christophe came on for the injured Gordo (with Ty going to left back to give the oppo fullback a rest) who had injured himself BRYAN to yet again nutmeg his winger in his own half. Chris had an immediate impact on the game, a throw on from Malc on the right found Matty P, who dummied the ball and left his defender for dead, cutting inside towards goal he PICKOVER’d Chris out wide, Chris beat his man (the right fullback was not enjoying his day), Matty in his best french accent called CARSON pass it back and our very own Ginola unselfishly played Matty back in to prod the third home.

In the Second HAFIZE Riverstone changed formation and tried to come at us and had a bit more luck for the first 5 minutes or so of the half.

A straight ball through the middle of our defence from centre mid saw the Riverstone forward bear down on goal, he unleashed his shot only for Jimmy to make a great save to push it out for a corner.

You would have thought we had learnt our lesson but not long after an innocuous looking through ball, looked to be getting cut out by Paul Stuart, but he had a MEYER and seemed to trip as he went to clear. There will be a STUARTS inquiry into the fall as he landed on his HARRIS

The ball made it to the centre forward who once again tried his luck, Jimmy tried to get to it but his dive was in VAHAN, and the oppo had pulled one back. 3-1. Luckily it would pan out that it did not AMATE in the end.

Riverstone thought they had got back into the game and had a few more minutes of pressure, but as MURPHYS law states – anything that can go wrong will go wrong and it was at this point that the Satos and Toeover show began.

It took them a few goes to get going with Matty STUBBSing one over the bar and Pete trying to find his range in his boot that his dog had been chewing on. Fortunately for Pete once he put on Malcs magic left boot (a boot that had never even kicked a ball, never mind taken a shot at goal) it all changed.

First he caught the centre back DE SOUSA ing as he planted one in the bottom corner with his left foot. 4-1

I cannot really remember too much about the next few, all I know is that we had a LARA chances and Matty and Pete notched a few and that the Riverstone defence was having a torrid time of it as you got the FEE ling that we would score with every opportunity.

The final one for Pete was yet again a cross from the left that evaded the defenders, he chested it down and POPE’d it towards goal to grab his hat trick

In amongst the Satos and Pickover show, Nath managed to get on the score sheet via a cross from his best mate Tyrone. Ty on the PHILBY line beat his defender again and crossed for Matty but Nath had made a lung bursting run from midfield to stoop ahead of the defender to see him HEADING the ball into the net.

Overall we left the field very SATOS fied with our performance and the fans sitting up on the RIDGE had watched a dominant Dunbar match.

Onto the final lads…one more push…….

Goal Scorers:
Matty x 4
Satos x 3
Paul Stuart 0