Code of Conduct

All members of our club are required to adhere to a minimum standard of conduct to ensure a safe and enjoyable soccer experience for all members and spectators. Our governing body, the Football Federation of Australia, has instrumented codes of conduct for all club members – players, parents, coaches and administrators – to clearly outline their respective responsibilities throughout the season.

DRFC Code of Conduct

FFA Code of Conduct

FFA Code of Ethics

Coaches Code of Conduct

ESFA Match Day Forms

Team Sheet

Forfeit Form

Incident Report Form

Club Constitution

All clubs, except the most informal, should set out their basic structure and methods of operating in writing. The product of this process is called a constitution.

DRFC Constitution

Our existing club's constitution outlines: - Our club's purpose; - List all of the rules of operation; and - Sets out our members' rights and responsibilities

Insurance & Injury Forms

FNSW JLT Insurance - Click here to access website.


Insurance Enquiries
JLT Sport insurance assistance – phone 1300 130 373
Football NSW insurance assistance – phone 02 8814 4402

General Information Sheet

Personal Injury Claim Form

2017 FNSW Personal Injury Claim Form

Sponsorship Guidelines

Sponsorship Toolkit

The sponsorship initiative guide has been developed to provide volunteers with ideas on how to source and secure sponsorship and provide a suite tools to help with this process.