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We would not exist today without the commitment and enthusiasm of the volunteers who give their time to Dunbar each year. In a growing club such as ours there are often times when our resources do not always match our aspirations and many of the great initiatives that emerge in our Think Tanks are sidelined for future seasons. Dunbar Rovers represents the collective talent, generosity and enthusiasm of a whole bunch of people who contribute in their own wonderful ways each year.

Join our organising committee as a volunteer for SEASON 2019. We are calling out for volunteers to help us in a variety of roles in the lead up to the season and during the season. Perhaps you are an web wizard who can help out with digital presence, a persuasive salesperson who can help us drive sponsorship, or a crafty all rounder who does not mind getting their hands and boots dirty.

For our forthcoming season there are a few key roles to fill within our organising committee, so if you are interested in putting up your hand, we would love to hear from you. The following roles are available:

  • Website administrator with WordPress skills

  • Newsletter Editor

If you are unable to commit to a role on the organising committee for an entire season but you are willing to perhaps offer a handful of hours of your time and lighten the load, we are looking for graphic designers, web designers, copywriters, photographers, data analysts, marketing and sponsorship account managers who could help us with a few critical work streams.

If you are interested in any of these roles, please contact our secretary on: secretary@dunbarrovers.com

Volunteering at Dunbar

  • What kind of roles can I assist the club with?

    There are a number of roles on our organising committee each year, ranging from kit and equipment, merchandising, commercials and sponsorship right through to marketing and comms based roles. For more info, please review our org chart. Any available positions are clearly labelled.

  • How often does the organising committee meet?

    Twice a month in the lead up to the season start, either face to face or via Skype.

  • I can't commit to a full season but I can provide a few hours?

    That is great. Our committee always needs an extra set of hands. There are a number of new work streams that need urgent attention. This season we will be holding two Dunbar Action Days, where members can get together and collectively tackle them.

Think you'd like to get involved in helping out this season Touch base