Match Report ‪‎AAW2‬ vs Maccabi 2-5 Guest reporter Annie

Well, the rematch of the ESFA penalty shoot out game against Maccabi was always going to be tough, and Sunday sure lived up to this. With a 9am kick-off and 7 goals to report, sadly for Dunbar it was not our day. What with colds, holidays and boyfriend farewells, our normally brimming squad was down to 12. It was a fairly even game in the first half, with both keepers dealing with some tricky shots. Depleted Dunbar put up a good fight in the first half, after Maccabi opened the scoring, Rosie received a terrific through ball from Kimi on the back line to lob one over the keeper’s head. Another one was immediately sent past Dunbar’s defence to speedy number 17 from Maccabi and the half time score was 2-1.

Maccabi were strong from the second half whistle and Dunbar fought hard, but sadly every time Maccabi attacked there seemed to be another goal. There was a never-give up attitude despite three more goals, with some booming kicks from Tina at the back, Raquel’s relentless running despite the late night and Kirsty’s pressure on the wing. Dunbar got a second, when Rosie passed a well-timed ball to Anita, who seemed to beat three or four players to pass one in. Although the score was a bit sad and Rosie’s black eye even more so, Maccabi were better at scoring on Sunday and deserved the win. We’ll look forward to another meeting, with perhaps a fuller team in a few weeks time.