‪#‎AAW2‬ v Waverley Old Boys 0 – 3

How much does it need to rain before football is cancelled? Apparently, more than the 300ml deluge that fell upon Moore Park on Sunday morning. Hallelujah, it was raining rain! As the vast majority of the Sydney populous adhered to the government’s message to stay at home, Dunbar AAW2s rolled out of bed and into the cyclonic wilderness.

Low pressure system was the theme of the weekend’s weather report. Sadly, low pressure was also the theme of our state of mine. Woeful and crestfallen we waddled onto the field in our already sodden uniforms and waterlogged boots. Unfortunately, we continued to waddle our way around the pitch, surely we were merely in shock that we were actually playing soccer? Alas, it didn’t shock us into running, kicking or any other acts associated with soccer. Instead we longingly dreamt of our warm, dry, comfortable beds and watched on in silence as our season fell apart before our eyes. A season that now lay in front of us, a wet and sodden assemblage of drowned hopes and dreams.

Waverley seemed to thrive in the wet and windy conditions, so windy in fact it was nigh impossible to actually kick the ball out of our half. They took advantage of the conditions and our lackluster attitude to slip a few goals past us. Slip being the perfect adjective, as that ball was slipping n sliding every which way. Not even Fred Hollows could have assisted the team in seeing which direction the ball was going to go.

The weather report said rain, but it certainly didn’t predict not just one penalty denied, but two! Two dot shots which would have undoubtedly changed the entire direction and result of the game.
Big thanks to the referee who came out and weathered the wind and rain along with the rest of us!

I would go into further detail but the memory is too painful. Until next week, same kat-time, same kat-channel.