AAW3s v Mascot Kings ‪#‎Peptalk‬

After a bye and two washouts, our first game in four weeks saw the Dunbar AAW3s up against top-of-the-table Mascot; currently leading with a goal difference of 49! The Kings strutted onto the pitch like little cocks – small and fast and self-assured. In contrast, we were as nervous and sweaty as a divorcée on our first tinder date.
Charlie has been drilling us on formation, and our opposition found it slightly more difficult than usual to get through in the first half. The fitness training has also worked wonders; to our surprise we were keeping pace with the Mascot girls, winning tackles and gaining possession. We may even have ruffled the King’s feathers a little bit (a very, very little bit).
Their superior attacking strategy and, lets face it, aim, saw a couple of very good goals zip through but we pushed back and Frenchy slammed a strike in to make it 2-1. Karla was glorious in goals but the Kings managed an extra point in the dying seconds of the first half. Nevertheless, we were ludicrously pleased with ourselves.
Very much like my usual tinder dates; things went downhill fast halfway through, ending in disappointment, frustration and mild despair. Mascot must have received an epic talking to from their coach and we fell apart like a poorly constructed chocolate soufflé. It wasn’t an unexpected result but we are in fact quite different to that discombobulated shambles of a team from a couple of months ago. Thanks to Charlie, we’ve made great strides in the last few weeks and have a disproportionate sense of entitlement in regards to winning the next few games!
A big thanks to Sammy and Tom from the Prems. I’m certain Charlie needs his mates for some moral support, but we are pitiful grateful for any help we can get and the boys are super sweet and reassuring. Sam was roped into reffing and, while he insisted on handing the opposition a number of free kicks (mostly due to Frenchy’s Italiano feistiness), he kept giving us little bits of partisan encouragement through the game. Mascot didn’t seem to mind; a source tells me the Mascot girls really enjoyed the day and felt like they were actually challenged for a change.
Goal: Francesca. MOM: Karla
xx Pep