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Once upon a time at Heffron Park……………..

So here we are, what’s known as the business end of the season, or as I prefer to call it, the time still disrupted by holidays! As it was, we were able to welcome back Danny Crowe from his warm weather training session in France & England whilst the leagues top scorer, David Lynes returned from his fact finding mission of Kent fry ups to take his place in the number 9 jersey.
With 4 games to go following this top of the table clash, it was fair to say the league was not done but a victory to the hosts would put them in the ascendency for the minor premiership. The game started with Dunbar pressing well and standing tall in the face Coogee attacks. The home side were denied an opening goal when the referee had judged the ball to be kick out of the keepers hands. Coogee complained, Dunbar breathed a sigh of relief, I remembered that it’s probably best to catch the ball at the first attempt!

The deadlock was broken by skipper Simon Botterill, who found himself in the box and whilst waiting for the ball to drop had time for a cup o tea, read a paper and go to the toilet before wonderfully controlling a volley into the back of the net! 1 nil Dunbar and the league was wide open again. Disaster struck shortly after with Dunbar not taking their chances and Ash Rayner conceding a penalty. Claims he had won the ball (he had won the ball) were not heeded by the ref and Coogee dispatched the resultant kick into top left corner (Simone Zaza and Graziano Pelle take note).

One all and the game ebbed and flowed most notably with Coogee hitting the post and Dunbar forcing one heck of a save from the Coogee keeper. Shortly before half time, Dunbar regained the lead thanks to Scouse thief/wizard Stephen Murphy. Now, most would say that he was crossing but those who know the class of the man knew he was going for goal and what a goal. Dunbar led going into the break.

To save myself the pain of trying to recall the second half blow by blow, I’ll do it like this.

1. Coogee made some tactical and personnel changes

2. Coogee started to boss the midfield

3. Dunbar players got cramp

4. Coogee equalised

5. More Dunbar players got cramp

6. We attacked but could not score

7. Coogee scored with about 10 minutes to go

8. We almost equalised in the last minute when a header when just over the bar

The final whistle went and despair for Dunbar as Coogee moved 7 points clear at the top of the league with 4 games to go. The teams will meet again before the finals however but asking Coogee to drop that number of points will be a big ask and well played to them on getting the result.

Dunbar heads whilst down in the immediate aftermath are now up and the team is ready to make amends this week against the tax dodgers from Sydney Uni.

Supporter watch:

Dave Jansen’s heavily pregnant wife – just where she wanted to be on a Sunday afternoon I am sure!