‪#‎AAW2‬ vs Sydney Uni 2-1 Sponsored by Health Space Clinics




Wellllllll it was a glorious sunny afternoon down at the Reg and the Dunbar 2s were ready and raring to go. Everyone was fuelled like champions after wolfing down a good few democracy sausages the day before at primary schools and polling stations around the city. Though it’s questionable what percentage of the Dunbar 2s are actually eligible to vote, it was a day of national democratic pride and epic sausageface none the less. And boy did it show on the pitch with Dunbar’s passing game unusually strong, almost as strong you might say as the political buck passing which would follow three days later when we still don’t know who runs the joint. Whether it was the snags or the 9 members of the other team causing such fine on field teamwork we will never know, but we saw some shining play with great balls up to Helen and Petra who did well getting the pressure on. And though we may not have a government folks, there was no doubt that on this particular Sunday it was Dunbar’s turn TO REIGN.

We saw great assists from Maggie and Annie leading to two sweet goals off the illustrious Hellenic boot we’ve all come to know and love. We also relished from the sideline in the dedicated defence from Kimi and Raquel in the first half, with a newly returned Maggie (now only one person per body!) putting on a frankly unbelievably good performance less than a month after creating a fresh new human. Despite the mild late game frustration of an opposition goal the Dunbar standard remained high overall. Annie employed some strategic genius and quickly used up her entire season’s quota of missed shots on goal all in the one game, leaving us in great stead for the upcoming ESFA cup final. Jo was back from overseas and her safe and emotionally assuring hands were back marring the opposition attack. Steph put in some feisty sideline runs to create opportunities up front, and Anita put in some of those thrilling kamikaze runs where you always think she’ll just gets smashed in a tackle collision but instead she magically comes out of it fine and with the ball. As usual we also saw some beautiful strikes from Katie Duke and skilful sideline footwork from Emma.

All in all, the moral of the story is that even where democracy may stumble, the Dunbar 2s will prevail.

Score: 2-1 Dunbar
Goals: Helen, and more Helen.
Assists: Maggie, Annie