AAW2 v Pagewood 0-2

If completed passes were a form of currency, Dunbar Rovers AWW2 would be making it rain. Sadly completed passes are not currency and they don’t win football matches either. Goals do and if goals were a form of currency the AAW2s would be living below the poverty line.

It didn’t help that the field (with divots & dents galore) resembled my cellulite city thighs after a long hard winter. I fear the pitch’s condition was actually worse than the Reg’s current sombre state.

Despite this the girls battled onwards and dispatched an altogether controversial first half. Controversy numero uno: a brilliant one-two play between Helen & Rosie saw Jonesy violently taken down in the box from behind with absolutely zero repercussions. Controversy numero dos: a tit for tat in our goal box saw a Pagewood player blatantly pick up the ball (or bend down and place her hands within millimeters of the ball). Naturally we all assumed the due course of action would be a blow of the whistle from the referee. Anita was so certain of this that she stopped the ball, with her hands. Sadly the referee ignored the first foul and awarded the second with a dot shot, that Pagewood proceeded to miss. Karma is a female dog am I right?

A rallying speech at half time put these transgressions behind us, but yet again we didn’t seem to have a slither of luck on our side. Despite strategic plays across the park we simply could not deliver a conversion. Excellent building plays which saw involvement and steady feet from every member of the team were plentiful and on display for all to see. No one could deny that we were the better team in both skill and sportsmanship. Pace, touch, boldness and a better understanding of the referee’s mood ensured Dunbar were fields ahead of the opposition. Despite that, all the luck in front of the posts belonged to Pagewood with two slippery, wet, warm lettuce goals sneaking in.

An unfortunate result but a resounding effort from all involved. #katchat