‪#‎Peptalk‬ AAW3s v Easts 0-5

Good set up. Playing the game well. Just as good as anyone else. Can’t seem to score. That, dear reader, is the story of my life.

As in life so in football.

Shit! Another loss. Seriously? Charlie is tearing his hair out. Adriana has her usual perplexed “English is not my first language” look on her sweet face and even the ref and linesman were mystified. We had a little powwow with them after our game on Sunday and they were really nice and complimentary. “You dominated the game, ladies, but just can’t seem to score”. Indeed.

The first half was lackluster for one thing. During warm up Charlie actually raised his voice, swore and made us feel bad – like one of those manipulative boyfriends trying to turn you into his ex. Frenchy and Shilps complained they’d been drinking until the early hours but that’s every week so hardly an excuse. Still, the difference in our team from a few months ago is remarkable. We used to be struggling minutes into the game but we are now perfectly relaxed thrashing out a half. This is partly due to those tortuous training sessions and partly to our superior positioning. We no longer run around like headless chooks. Cute, bewildered, headless chooks.

Despite this, the goals seem so very small and far away. They sort of move and fade like a deadly Saharan mirage. We did get possession and kept the ball in the right half but tended to pass it back to Easts and their quick little number 10 ripped the ball into some obscure part of our goal.

A drastic change at half time was an epiphany. I moved into goals and had nothing to do – I was almost bored barring one spectacular save. Our girls, so bereft of opportunities to cheer, made so much of it I had to remind them it wasn’t actually a goal and in fact they had to arrange themselves for a corner! So the new set up worked in defense but those damn goals are like finding a nice, interesting man in a Sydney bar, one who happens to like smart, funny, feminists. Friggin’ impossible.

I’m not giving up though. As in life so in football…maybe Wednesday is our night?!?

Well done to Sorbs in defense – she was like Fort Knox in the right back. Katie was also in the right place at the right time, every time. Thanks also to our supporters – although I think Sam and Tom only turned up to take Charlie out for his usual consolatory drinks.

This #Peptalk is brought to you by vegan pesto (seriously! Vegan! I never eat that shit), and some Italian Pinot Grigio.