AAW3s v USyd 0-2 ‪#‎Peptalk‬

I don’t know who did it. Maybe that Waverley player Frenchy thumped back in April, maybe the dude Shilpa dumped by text in pre-season, possibly that woman I cut off with my car full of players before the first game. She looked capable. Whoever it was, we’ve been cursed. Cursed, afflicted and plagued. Of course it may have just been the soccer gods looking down upon us, “those AAW3s. They are so clever and funny and hot. Letting them actually score would be a little unfair”.

Today we played 2nd placed USyd; that sweet and very young team that crushed us 9-0 a few months ago. Yet here we are totally holding our own, playing real football and having fun. Except Helen. She wasn’t having fun.

We were probably camped in the opposition’s half for a good 50% of the match. USyd may even have been getting a little annoyed and panicky until a corner score at the end of the first half put them 1-up and relaxed their nerves a bit.

At half time Charlie was super encouraging, and maybe a little pleading. “We can do this, girls, just please, please try and get a goal”. I now doubt my continued insistence that we were placed in the wrong league. There was no reason we couldn’t have beaten those girls today. Oh wait, no. I forgot. We can’t score!

Well done this week to Helen playing on a broken toe, Dogged Elsa in the centre and of course to Karla who was literally heroic in goals today. She deserves a medal. Or maybe a hot bath and a massage from hubby.

Its new moon in Taurus this week; some of us are popping down to Bondi to dance naked and slaughter a rooster. We have a double header this coming weekend; maybe a little witchcraft of our own will help us find our scoring mojo.