‪#‎AAW2‬ v Queens Park FC 5-2

With its lusty locks, silky smooth lines and breathtaking views the luscious lands of Waverley seduced the AAW2s to victory. The girls took advantage of all that Waverley offered and penetrated it’s box with full force, converting five goals and adding three more points to the table.

Incisive, quick and inducing panic wherever she roams, Helen opened the scoreboard with a cracking sausage roll of a goal. A mighty effort from our star striker casually chipping the goalkeeper with the patience and poise of a football ninja. Quickly adding one more to the tally was Annie “The Legs” Kingsford converting a cracking cross from Rosie Jones.

From a 2-0 advantage the girls slipped slightly to allow two soggy cereal goals past the posts. Both were built from masterful midfieldship whereby our own centre mid was caught unawares lounging about on the oppositions 18 yard box. I’ll give credit where credit is due, it was me. Soz guys.

However the Dunbar girls refused to let a draw or a loss be their destiny that day, I was back on the bench where I belonged and the second half began in our favour again. White line fever was the ailment of the day with two very near misses in the first 5 minutes before Magnificent Mum Maggie scored a blinder! A lovely lob from Annie, a chest to control, a swivel to the right and a smashing volley to finish it off taking the score to 3-2. Not nearly done for the day, two more goals from Jonesy quickly followed. The first a spectacular header off a corner and the second I can’t remember, but I’m pretty sure it was bloody brilliant.

A top job on and off the pitch was displayed by all. Accolades to one of the most committed HABs (Husbands & Partners) James for being the ultimate gentleman and fetching our fearless coach Lisa a Chai Latte before the game to keep her going. A great result to lead into the last week of a great season.