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Wednesday 17th August, Dunbar O45 vs Redfern Rebels, 7pm ko @ Chifley Sports Reserve.

A few dramas in the game against Redfern Rebels last night but we kept our heads and ran out much the better side. We won 7-2 …… and their second was the softest of penalty decisions. And Jason almost saved it!

Redfern started brightly and hit the bar early on, then we counter attacked and did the same only minutes later. Their two forwards are fine players and the Rebels use them well; when we pressed in midfield they hit accurate long balls. As our backs got to grips with their forwards’ movement, the faster of the two pulled his hamstring and went off. Their heads dropped and the advantage swung our way.

It was 4-1 at half time then went to 5-1 before Giggsy got a red card half way through the second half. It was very harsh and seemed unnecessary. Gig was having a terrific game for us; having a playmaker of his quality in midfield was giving us great balance and opening up options. The way he makes players move around him builds confidence and improved the quality of our play.

Redfern have several good midfielders who tried to get the ball down and play but they looked uncomfortable every time we won possession. We still passed the ball around well with ten men, we scored two more goals and they got that soft pen. Our movement and passing in the lead up all of our goals was terrific; they came from Pete x 2 (20 for the season), Ade (13 for the season), Chris, Matt T, Gig and Keith P. All well deserved and really well taken; three from the forwards and four from midfield.

Pete Daniel took a lot of pressure off with his two goals, particularly his last one that killed them off. He played well throughout but particularly when we went down to ten and he was alone up front, always preoccupying three of their players and moving them around. Outstanding performance and our man of the match.

Two more victories for a place in the final. Come on the Gentlemen of Dunbar!