‪#‎AAW2‬ v Loko 2-1 Sponsored by Health Space Clinics ‪#‎katchat‬

For a game that had been rescheduled not once, not twice but thrice due to rain, mother nature sure did put on a beautiful show for us Saturday morning. Not a cloud in the sky, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, it was a temperate 22 degrees and Loko were dropping F bombs left, right and centre. Basically it was a perfect day for a game of football. It’s a pity the same can’t be said about the pitch. Closely resembling Brisbane post 2011 floods, the field was a big brown stain on every one of my good days.

Despite the haphazard conditions Dunbar started strongly and as per always Helen brought her A game with two quick spectacular goals with assists from Annie & Molly. Accolades to the MollRat who made a Jarryd Hayne like comeback with some silky smooth skills and offloads galore. Unfortunately Dunbar can’t quite match the Gold Coast Titans pay cheque.

Without our fearless leader Lisa, the Dunbar girls started to falter. Heading into the second half Loko came out strong and despite amazing efforts from our back-line we couldn’t keep them out. With the scoreline at 2-1 Loko was getting nervous and scrappy. Shout out to Mel for doing a great job at defending their rough as guts striker. Also Maggie you legend, dashing off for a 5 minute sub to feed young Evan before running back on again. It was tough but we held them out until the final whistle.

Victorious and glorious, thanks christ there ain’t no more of us!