GoDs start 2017 with a win

We started off brilliantly with shots hitting the back of the net, lively saves, crunching tackles and breathtaking banter. Redfern were shaking with fear. Sadly though 9 o’clock had not struck and we were only flattering ourselves before kick-off.
Playing Redfern, you are never quite sure who will turn up particularly now they had gone back to just one team in the O45s.
After 15 mins of actual play we weren’t sure which Dunbar team had turned up. Despite our apparent authority we went one down (careless), two down (irresponsible), then three down (masochism). Only 20 minutes in and the 2017 season was falling apart through three sloppy defensive errors, plenty of culprits for the self-flagellation award.
Don’t panic, Mr Sweeney … he then rammed the cork back into Redfern’s bottle to turn the tide, 1-3. A few new old guys with some strategic (necessary) substitutions to see us through to half time dominating play but failing to convert.

The first 20 of the 2nd half continued to frustrate as the dominance was not getting the scoreboard moving. Near misses, great saves and freak stops kept us out. Don’t panic.
Then it all changed, five goals in about 15 minutes to put us 6-3 up. Bally and Marko can argue over whose goal was the spectacular one. Keith, Matthew Ellison and Adrian or Hodgo also took advantage of their tiring defence to get on the sheet.
Giggsy controlled the midfield with elegance and our defence had it pretty easy. Richard, helping out at the back in Ajay’s absence, must wonder what all the fuss is about.
It was a great thrill to turn the 0-3 deficit into a 6-3 victory as we would have been in big trouble with the absent Mr Mills had we squandered the three points.
Man of the match to Keith for his versatility and controlling his feet more than his mouth.

Final Score: Dunbar 6 – 3 Redfern