AAW1s v Easts 18-0 – Ouch!!

Hayley 5, Jen 3, Verity 3, Fran 2, Laura 2, Dani 1, Poppy 1, Own goal 1

These aren’t shirt sizes, foul counts or typos – these are the goal scorers from the AAW1s win over Easts on the weekend. It’s tricky to write a match report on an 18-0 win (which is probably why I avoided writing last week’s match report – that or I was just too sore after the season opener that even my finger muscles were aching).
I tossed up a few ways to write the report – Do I do the blow-by-blow thing? Do I focus on the suicidal baby bird that was hovering in our back third? Do I walk my captive audience through each goal? Stopping to highlight Dani’s drilling shot into the corner, Laura “The Kid” Keeper” coming out of goals to nab a brace, or Hayley shooting from 25m out for a an absolute stunner? There are still 14 more goals to walk you through, so best not recount each of them here. Though Poppy’s corner that swung into the net is worth mentioning (and swung in with no assistance, despite this writer’s best efforts to steal a touch on it and get her name on the score sheet).
To their credit, Easts played with their heads high and unfaltering smiles. I’m not sure I could have ploughed on with the same enthusiasm with the score sheet weighing so heavily against me.
For the AAW1s it’s now a challenge to not get complacent – more than 30 goals in two weeks is enough for anyone’s confidence to skyrocket, but the season will only get tougher, the pitches will only get harder, and my right knee will only get more swollen.
At least we’ve all got a week off to recover and gorge on chocolate. Up next for the AAW1s – Maccabi Hakoah back at The Reg on April 23.