AAW1’s keep on winning!

AAW1 5 – 1 Sydney Uni
Goals: Darcey (20, Fran (1), Bina (1), Malin (1)

The AAW1s kept their four-game wining streak intact but conceded our first goal of the season on Sunday with a 5-1 win over Sydney Uni at St Johns Oval.

This was a “pocked-sized” oval, three strides from the corner and you were in the box, a hop, step and a jump and you were over halfway. A toe-poke at the ball would count as a shot. Corners were tricky (we needed to adjust the radar because far post was more like “less-near” post) and long balls were just, well, balls.

We started fasts, as per Coach Gordo’s instructions, and dazzled for the first 15mins with Fran scoring a stellar opening goal after latching onto Hayley’s cross. Bina doubled the lead with some classy weaving through the middle, but Uni kept fighting and we needed a stellar second-half performance to pull away.

And we did. Darcey scored a brace and Malin notched a goal for Norway while the defenders held strong as Uni continued to punch through with counterattacks. 5-1 is an apt reflection of our attacking efforts, but is probably selling Uni short. They were our toughest opposition so far this season and are sure to feature again come finals time.

Onwards and upwards – it’s back to The Reg to face Waverley Old Boys this Sunday.