Dunbar AA3 Sunday 2 – 1 Mascot Kings

Dunbar AA3 Sunday 2 – 1 Mascot Kings
Goals: Baptiste R (1), Jorrit (1)

After a scrappy win last week against Queens Park, our team was facing top of the table Mascot Kings. Undefeated with impressive stats, they were favourite. The message was clear, we had to step up our game and regain the aggressiveness and confidence we showed earlier this year.
Good start from Dunbar, struggling to win our duels in the middle but showing some good football ball in feet. A couple of close occasions until this shot from Tom’O from outside the box. The ball bounces off both posts and finishes in the keeper’s gloves! From that point, Mascot started to be more dangerous. Clearly in possession of the ball, mostly taking advantages of a poor defensive work from our wingers. On a counter-attack, their left wing shoots, not on target and soft as. Our defence is under pressure and Tom (the other Tom) misses is clearance, own goal: 0-1 to Mascot. Unlucky, especially since it’s pretty much their first occasion of the game.
Half time, harsh discussions in the dark change rooms of the Reg. A girl comes in, 15 angry sweaty men stare at her, she runs away. One thing is sure, the tales heard about the kings of Mascot was total BS. We could take those guys, full stop.
The second half: Free kick from Luca hitting the right post. Shot from Coulibali: cross bar… We’re 15min in and the tension is growing. Those guys have “le cul bordé de nouilles”. Finally, after a couple of shots countered around the edge of the box, Jorrit receives the ball second post and calmly hits the back of the nets. Joy. Our back line cruises, led by Max and Tom (yeah there are 3 Toms). With the momentum, Dunbar finally takes the lead. Perfectly set by Jon, Coulibali hits it. Griezmann celebration. Joy x 100. We sticked to counters for the last 10minutes of the game, closing our midfield… we could have scored a 3rd one through Jorrit in the last minutes but who cares. We had the 3pts, secured the second spot in the ladder. We were happy and soon to be drunk.
Coogee, we’re coming for you.