Last kick seals it for AA7 Saturday

Dunbar AA7 4 – 3 Sydney Uni A, Moore Park Synthetic Pitch
Goals: Joe Campbell (2), Simon Gaut (1), Craig McMahon (1)

It all started with a beautiful day. The team isn’t complete because of many injuries but the 35’s came to help.
After a serious warm up led by Lee, the game starts with no referee with a 5-4-1 formation.

As expected, the Uni team owns the ball and the 11 Dunbar players defend in their half. The first 25min are an attack/defence game. It is hard to take the initiative and the team defends lower and lower. Very mobile, the Uni team finally scores the first goal. 10min later, as the opposing team keeps on pressing, we concede a penalty and a yellow card. It is kicked right in the middle. 2-0. Frustration gains the team.

The break is done but the visitors were not expecting what will be coming next. Dunbar is starting to defend and play higher. We level up the rhythm and put more pressure and envy on the other team. 44′, Joe gives a hell of a kick outside the box and the keeper can’t do much. 2-1 at half time.

Fletch and Josh decide to move onto a 4-4-2, let’s play the win. Coaching paid straight away! 47′ Joe is indefensible and scores a meme of the first goal followed, 3min after by a lucky goal from Gauty! In 5 min, Dunbar went from 0-2 to 3-2. We were showing so much authority, intensity and heart! Sydney Uni can hardly keep the ball and count on their speed to make a difference. 80′, after a massive feat from their right wing, Uni scores the 3-3 while Dunbar was in a good period.

It looks like we were going to another good draw but Craig didn’t really agree with that. After a first fail outside the box (89′), he reiterates and leaves no chance to the goal keeper. A missile in the top corner to give an unexpected win to Dunbar.

This game was by far the most frustrating and intense of all those we’ve played this season. A great victory against a young and well organised team who truly deserved a better faith.