Dunbar’s Open Trials Sunday 4th February

We will be having our first open trials for all teams this Sunday at Mission Fields in Centennial Park.
Please check the session times listed below for when you should attend. Please arrive 30 mins before the session starts and don’t forget your boots, shin pads and water!

9am – 11am: All Over 35’s and 45’s, new and returning
9am – 11am: All Women players, new and returning
11am – 1pm: New Players trialling for Grades 1-4
11am – 1pm: Returning Players from Grades 2-4
11am – 1pm: All Prems and Ressies players, new and returning
1pm – 3pm: New Players trialling for Grades 5-8
1pm – 3pm: Returning Players from Grades 5-8

See you there.