Club Round-Up of the 2019 Season

Congratulations to all Members of the Club for your contributions on a number of achievements, on and off the field, over the 2019 Season.

Much has been said about the successes of our Championship teams — the All Age Men’s, All Age Women’s, Over35s and the Over45s — but the Club has also witnessed soaring excitement and Grand Finals fever with a significant number of our other teams too, and every team can be truly proud of their performance in 2019.

A summary of Dunbar’s positions in the various league tables below demonstrates that all-round success.

Members should also take pride in the way we’ve behaved, both on and off the field, the team camaraderie and mateship manifested throughout the 2019 Season in all the various competitions; it’s something the Club encourages and has now become a unique point of difference between Dunbar and most other clubs.

The reaction to the sad news about Rich Maltby — and the fund-raiser subsequently held to support him and his young family now confronted with his health challenges — was a testament to the extent to which we all valued his contribution and friendship, and to the high esteem Rich is held by his teammates and fellow Members.

From its origins in 1991, Dunbar has always been a very strong and special community of characters creating and nurturing great friendships and business connections and this year has been no exception.

These are some of the more notable off-the-field events we saw in 2019:

We witnessed one of our former Dunbar Member’s global TV and Social Media coverage, when he and his brother bravely made a citizen’s arrest, in the Sydney CBD, to protect the general public from an armed killer at large;

We observed, with rightful pride, the Dunbar Rovers emblem next to that of Paris St Germain on Sydney FC’s pre-season promotional video, which preceded our annual fixture against the Hyundai League 2019 Champions at Leichhardt Oval;

We noticed a massive upswing in interest in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France, which a large number of our own AA Women’s3 team duly attended;

We celebrated the 11th season of Dunbar Rovers Cambodia;

We appreciated an increase in sponsorship support from Industrie, Umbro, Corporate Fighter, R&D Capital Partners, Background, Active Performance, and many others;

We held the annual Dunbar Rovers Business of Football Lunch, at the Sheraton Grand;

We welcomed 2,100 Facebook followers plus many more on other Social Media platforms, not just from Australia, but also from many other countries around the globe.

We understand at this time of year many teams enjoy end-of-season trips to celebrate their friendships away from Sydney.

The Dunbar Rovers End of Season Awards Night was a very important time to get the Club together as one, celebrate with other teams and catch-up with other players from the AA Men’s and AA Women’s teams, as well as others across the different parts of Dunbar.

As is their style, the Events Team lead by Club stalwart Scott Sadler provided all of us with a great night together at the Sydney Masonic Centre, in the CBD which, time and time again, has proven to be the best-ever venue in the past, for everyone to have a few drinks with fellow Members and, of course, an acknowledgment and celebration of all the best achievers and achievements with the Club Awards of 2019.

This year it was followed by an After Party at the Civic Hotel for those that had reason to celebrate until the early hours.

And finally, in a few months’ time, we will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Dunbar Rovers Football Club when we hope to reunite the people who founded this Club in 1991 with the vibrant and highly successful Membership of 2020.