We do our best to answer all questions our supporters may have. For other specific questions please contact us.

  • How do I register?

    Registration is online at MyFootballClub

  • What are Dunbar FC's bank account details?

    Account Name: Dunbar Rovers Football Club
    BSB 082 187
    Account # 506367694
    Reference: Please write your full name here

  • In which association does the club play in?

    Most of Sydney is split up into Associations that cover districts. The Eastern Suburbs district extends from Rushcutters Bay to the North, to Bondi in the East, to the City in the West, to the Airport in the South. You will find that all competition games will be played within these boundaries and travel will be kept to a minimum. Dunbar Rovers plays in the Eastern Suburbs Soccer Football Association.

  • How do I get involved as a volunteer?

    As the club continues to grow so does the need for our volunteer base. We have a number of roles and departments that require a certain skill set.
    As a thank you to our volunteers we offer to pay some or all of their registration fee’s depending on the position that they take on for the season.
    We also run Dunbar Action Days where you can donate 4hrs of your time to help support the club. At the start of the season we ask every member if they would donate 4hrs of their time over the season to support various events and projects is working on.
    To get more information contact: info@dunbarrovers.com

  • What day is match day?

    Saturday for the Premier and Reserve teams and two All Age teams.
    Sunday for all other grades in the Eastern Suburbs Soccer Football Association.
    Occasionally night matches, played on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday may be required for cup competitions, etc.

  • When does Personal Injury Insurance apply?

    Personal Accident insurance provides coverage for injuries sustained whilst participating in an activity under the following circumstances;  An official match or training session  Travelling to and from an official club activity  Participation in an official club function  Tours or representative matches What cover is generally provided within a Personal Injury policy?  Capital Benefits - provides cover in the event of death or permanent disability. Please refer to your Programme Summary for full benefit details and limits.  Non-Medicare Medical Benefits - provides reimbursement for items that are not claimable in any way through Medicare. Due to legislation, this does not include the Medicare Gap.  Loss of Income cover - (where included) provides reimbursement of a claimants' weekly income. Please refer to your Programme Summary for full benefit details and limits. Examples of Personal Injury Claims  Capital Benefit - a participant loses permanent sight in one eye due to a ball hitting him. The claimant can claim for permanent disablement under this section.  Non-Medicare Medical Benefits - a participant requires a knee reconstruction resulting from a sporting injury. A claim can be made through this section of the policy for items not covered in part by Medicare.  Loss of Income (where covered by the sport) - Bill is a builder and is unable to work due to breaking his leg whilst playing. His loss of earnings (not including sick leave) can be claimed under this section of the policy. How do I make a Personal Injury claim? Step 1 - access a current claim form from the JLT Sport website Step 2 - complete all relevant sections of the claim form Step 3 - send your claim form to your nominated claims advisor as soon as possible* Step 4 - your claims advisor will confirm receipt of your claim * Please note - most policies have a time limit in which to submit your claim form What is generally covered .  Physio  Chiro  Dental  Ambulance transport  Private hospital accommodation What is generally NOT covered .  Doctor's Fees  Surgeon's Fees  Anaesthetist Fees  X-rays  Public hospital costs  MRI Scans You can't claim if you .  Play against medical advice  Have a pre-existing injury  Are under the influence of alcohol or drugs  Are involved in a criminal act  Have a pre-existing illness or disease (i.e. cancer, heart condition) Quick Note MRI scans are generally claimable through Medicare, however sometimes the referrer and/or provider is not registered with Medicare. In this case, you can claim through your Personal Accident policy. if you require further assistance please contact your Coach for further details.

  • Where is our home ground?

    Reg Bartley – Rush Cutters Bay
    Moore Park 4G - Moore Park
    NCIE - Redfern
    Mission Fields – Centennial Park

  • Can we wear jewellery?

    NO jewelry of any kind may be worn. This includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings.

  • Is there a Refund Policy?

    NO REFUNDS can be issued after the start of the season.

  • What about late registrations

    You can sign up to play for Dunbar up until June 30.

  • When and where is training?

    Training can be on one of three days: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 7pm to 9pm.
    Our Men’s Championship & Reserve Teams train twice a week (Tue and Thursday) all other teams once a week.
    Our training grounds are:
    Alexandria Park
    Waterloo Oval
    Reg Bartley Oval