Hall of Fame

In 2006 Dunbar Rovers FC established the Hall of Fame as a body to recognise players and non-players for their long standing contribution to the Club. This included on field and off field participation in the Club.

The current Hall of Fame Members of the Club are

No. Name Inducted Narrative Currently serving as Still playing football?
1  Quintin Freeman 2006 Co-Founder of the club in 1991 Director of DRFC NPL Yes for DRFC GODS
2  Sean Adams 2007 Foundation member; GODs manager through the 1990s and early 2000s Retired Moved abroad
3  Phill Muhlbauer 2008 Joined DRFC in 199?; Super coach through the late 90s and early 2000s Former Sponsor Yes, at Northbridge O35s
4  Peter Hennessy 2009 Joined DRFC in 1998 and set up the off-field side of the club Director of DRFC NPL No, retired in 2013 due to injury
5  Ken Taylor 2010 Played and ran the GODs Player Yes for DRFC GODS
6 Marc Coughlan 2014 Director of DRFC NPL Yes for O35 A’s
7 Danny Fee 2014 Captained Dunbar Rovers in their first Champions of Champions win in 2008 Player & Assistant Coach of DRFC NPL U20’s Yes for O35 A’s