Hall of Fame (Life Members)

In 2006 Dunbar Rovers FC established the Hall of Fame as a body to recognise players and non-players for their long-standing contribution to the Club. This included on-field and off-field participation in the Club.

The current Hall of Fame Members of the Club are:

No. Name Inducted Narrative Currently serving as Still playing football?
1  Quintin Freeman 2006 Co-Founder of the club in 1991 Director of DRFC NPL Yes, for DRFC GODs
2  Sean Adams 2007 Foundation member; GODs manager through the 1990s and early 2000s Retired Moved abroad
3  Phill Muhlbauer 2008 Joined DRFC in 199?; Super coach through the late 90s and early 2000s Former Sponsor Yes, over the bridge
4  Peter Hennessy 2009 Joined DRFC in 1998 and set up the off-field side of the club Director of DRFC NPL Retired in 2013 due to injury
5  Ken Taylor 2010 Played and ran the GODs Former Sponsor Retired in 2012
6 Marc Coughlan 2014 Member of first Champions of Champions winning side 2008 Director of DRFC NPL Having a break
7 Danny Fee 2014 Captained DRFC in their first Champions of Champions win in 2008 Player Yes, for O35 As
8 John Sweeney 2016 If you have a question, ask Sweeney. Former DoF, Registrar, brains trust Coach & Player Yes, for O45 Bs 
9 David “Mini” Buck 2017 Advocate of girls’ and womens’ football development Coach AAW1’s & Player The rumour is true, he’s back playing for the O45 Bs 
10 Scott Sadler/td> 2022 Player, coach of mens & womens, Club & ESFA Pres Events Director Yes, 045’s 
11 Pedro Marin Guzman 2022 Player, secretary and director Dunbar NPL Events Director Yes, O45’s