FNSW AA Womens Champion of Champions for 2018! 2nd time in three years!!

AAW Champion of Champions Final – Match Report
Dunbar 2 – 1 Albion Park

After a long anxious week the final was finally here! This is what we had worked hard for all season and after a journey of great performances we were excited to meet Albion Park for the 5th time competitively and finally on the big stage.

Albion Park have dominated all competitions for the last couple of years having not been defeated and won 59 games across all comps. A very impressive and respectable stat! In fact 3 of those games were against us….so that gives you an idea of our record against them….so we knew we were in for a battle.

Donning our not so favourite pink kit, the game started quickly and it’s fair to say we were quick to take control. Albion Park looked taken aback by our intense start, even more so when Fran came close within the first few minutes. Several minutes later we were rewarded for our energetic start when Fran slipped the ball to Danni (with the outside of her right boot…she tells me) Danni set herself up beautifully before scoring in the top right hand corner! We went berserk 1-0 up after 7 minutes!
Albion Park pushed for an equaliser but Maja ensured they stayed at bay.
It was looking like we’d be entering half time 1-0 up until a clearance from Kerrie was chased down by Darcey who in her own words ’took on 6 players, did a few casual step overs and bosh 40 yard screamer’….ok so maybe it wasn’t 6 players but closer to 3 (still very impressive!) but it was an absolute screamer!!! This was unbelievable 2-0 up at half time!

We knew Albion Park would come out second half like steaming bulls and Mini prepared us as best he could….but my god they came out like steaming bulls on steroids….and continued….for the next 45 minutes!

Said bulls had 2 close chances in the first 3 minutes stopped by Maja’s safe hands or foot…or leg even! We had our chances to put the game to bed but Albion were relentless in their quest and soon their hard work paid off. A shot stopped superbly by Maja scuttled across the goal….the next few seconds no one really knows what happens. Sarah’s explanation was ‘ I had it, I had the ball, how did it go in!’ And tbh no one can elaborate! Sarah will advise once the DVD has been analysed!

That gave Albion a sniff and an even more determined side came straight back at us! We battled, we grafted, there were tears, there was blood and there was plenty of sweat, but we stayed strong and after what felt like several decades later the final whistle went and we half hugged and half collapsed emotionally into each other.

Wow! What an amazing feeling…we did it….CoC Champions for the 2nd time in 3 years! So proud! ❤️

Kudos to Albion Park an incredibly talented team who are and have always been a joy to play against!

This one was for you Mini/Boss! 🏆❤️